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Get To Know Our 1213CARD!

1213bst sales associates and customers Yousif and Michel talk about their experience with our 1213CARD!
_by mellie | 1213CARD, | 11 Aug, 2018
Get To Know Our 1213CARD!

In a nutshell, the 1213CARD lets you to trade in your clothes for 1213 value points, which you can then use towards your purchases in 1213bst at any time (up to 2 years into the future). This is how it works: when you bring in your clothing, shoes, and/or accessories and choose to trade, we place the value of your traded items on your 1213CARD.

With the card, you can check your balance online, or come into our store and we will let you know now many points you have to use towards future purchases. Once you find your next outfit, use some or all of your 1213 value points towards your purchase -- as if it were cash!

We also send out exclusive promotions to all 1213CARD holders! These promotions could include discounts towards purchases or increased value of future trades. The 1213CARD is a simple and convenient way to keep your closet fresh, recycle your clothes, and stay part of the 1213bst community. You can learn more details here.

But let's actually hear from 1213bst customers themselves! Yousif and Michel now work as part-time sale associates at 1213bst, but they actually discovered the shop as customers! Intrigued by its selection and concept, they began shopping and trading on a regular basis. Both Yousif and Michel got their 1213CARD pretty early on -- and yes, they still use it! 😉How did you become a 1213bst customer? How did you first hear about it?

Yousif: I became a 1213 customer pretty soon after the store had opened. I was working nearby and randomly stumbled across the store one day. I really loved the stock and the concept even more so, I had never been to a store like it before in my life. Bryan and Caitlin offered a community store concept that I could really get behind. It was love at first visit!

Michel: Good question. If I remember correctly, I just stumbled into the store by chance one day. The range of styles they seemed to serve, the high quality and good condition of the clothes, and a price range that excited me as a "Connaisseur de la Mode" as well as casual shoppers sold me right away.

When did you decide to get a 1213CARD? And why?

Y: After my first trip, I found myself going back to the store more and more often. I loved the idea of a store where I could bring my loved but unworn clothes in return for cash or credit to spend in the store. As I was a huge fan of the stock, I decided to receive store credit for my first batch of clothes that I traded and that was when I got my 1213CARD.

M: If only I ever managed to not spent my whole credit that I got through trading my clothes right away! I got my 1213CARD the second time I walked into the store to trade.
Can you explain to our readers how the 1213CARD works?

Y: When you bring clothes in to the store to trade, they are assessed and if chosen, their sale value is calculated. What happens next is that you decide whether you would like to receive one half of the store price in trade credit, or one third of the value in cash. If you choose to take store credit, you receive a 1213CARD and your  value points are loaded on to it. This credit is good for 2 years and can be spent in the store or the online shop.

M:  The 1213CARD keeps track of the credit you receive through trading your  items in store for up to two years.

What would you say are the benefits of the 1213CARD?

Y: The 1213CARD has many benefits. As a big supporter of sustainable fashion, I loved the fact that I could trade my clothes and receive store credit to buy pieces that I loved from other members of the community. It was a really good incentive! The fact that the card ultimately works like a refillable ‘voucher’ for the store is a really good concept and means that I traded a lot of pieces that I loved but didn’t wear anymore. It felt nice to give back to the community. It’s also very convenient to be able to carry the card in your wallet and if it has credit on it, you’ll never need to spend cash in the store!

M: There are plenty of benefits. But the biggest one for me is probably that through trading and using my store credit, I am much more aware of what I consume, where the items are from, as well as the impact of my purchases. I have a closer relationship to the clothes that I actually wear and letting go of pieces is super convenient, knowing the 1213community will take good care of them.You can get the 1213CARD as a gift card, too! You can either purchase the gift card at our store or in our online shop (click here if you wish to buy the gift card online).

All photos by Julia Heuse.