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frequently asked questions

[ english ]

Do I have to make an appointment to sell things?

visit our sell & trade page > here.

What do you buy / not buy?

- you can learn what we buy during the Buy Registration process here.

- brands and styles we don't take you can find > here. 

How do you decide your prices?

- Our prices are based on simple supply & demand. However we have the goal to offer a fair and wide range of pricing for our diverse customer base.

Can I send you photos of pieces to sell?

- Yes you have to upload images during the Submission.  Visit the Buy Submission here. 

We accept:

  • Pictures with plain white background
  • Pictures taken in natural daylight
  • The pictures must show the complete item
  • No body part or person in the picture
  • Pants hung on a pant hanger
  • Pictures must be made by you and cannot be a copy from another website

Here is a link to a set of good pictures > LINK

Where are the sizes?

- We have listed the sizes on all items online. In the store we have listed the items on our price labels.

What is X size in European sizing?

- Take a look at our Size Chart > here.

Which brands do you take?

- The > All Brands page shows you currently listed brands ... and gives you a good sense of brands we like to buy. You can find it.

- Brands we don't take are listed > here

- However due to the need of our inventory and customer demand this always changes.

Do you take returns??

- For our online return policy please read our Shipping & Returns page > here.

- In-store we DO NOT offer returns or exchanges. In store you have the opportunity to inspect items and try on. All items are sold as is. 

How much do you pay?

- We offer as our name implies 1/2 in trade and 1/3 in cash from our net price. Just in case you haven't figured it yet: 1213bst means 1/2 trade or 1/3 cash buy-sell-trade ;) clever !

- More about the Buying, Trading & 1213Card please visit our > buy-sell-trade ... how does it work ? page.

Net Price: To compensate for costs such as shipping & cleaning, we may add an offset on items. Therefore the online listing price may differ from the net price. The net price is the basis of our offer to you.


How do you pay?

- if you chose cash we will pay via the save and trusted payment provider PayPal. This is safer than bank transfer or cash payments.  

- if you chose trade you will receive trade value immediately or added to your 1213card. Trades can not be turned into cash.

Do I have to wait for my pieces to sell before I get paid?

- No, you get cash right on the spot. The same with trade ... both can be used right away !!! Also the trade value can be stored for 2 years on your 1213Card.

Are your prices final?

- The initial listing prices of items are final. When you sell we will offer you a price upon which your cash or trade amount is based and you can decide to accept it. However we won't negotiate the pricing. 


Can I use my 1213Card store credit online ?

- Yes if you like to know how it works visit our 1213Card page > here.


... If you have any more questions !

- email us :)