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job opportunities

How to Apply:

  1. You must have visited our store
  2. Read our 1213bst Goal and Principles and the Job description for the open position ( see list of open positions below )
  3. Please email a detailed Resume/Lebenslauf to Please do NOT bring your resume to the store, we will look only at resumes submitted by email.
  4. We will send you a link to our Hiring Questionnaire. Please fill out our Hiring Questionnaire
  5. You must be able to include at least 2 recent professional references with phone number and/or email of your previous employers. For example your last store manager.
  6. If you are a potential fit we will invite you to an interview.
  7. If the interview was successful we will start the "Team Fit Weeks" with you.

1213bst is an equal opportunity employer, women, minorities, immigrants eligible to work in Germany are encouraged to apply.

    Current Opportunities: 

    Freelance & Other Opportunities: 

    We are always open for applications in the areas of fashion design, styling, photography, modelling and graphic design. If you want to contribute to the 1213bst community please contact us with your resume, portfolio (if appropriate) and professional references.

    • User Interface Designer with experience in Mobile iOS and Android ( 3 month project )