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Since 2017, we paid 165,000€ to the community and saved 20,000 pieces of clothes from landfills

Earth Week from 26 October - 2 November

In support of global protests 1213bst will only pay in credit. From Saturday, 26 October - Saturday 2 November we will continue to buy your fashion on the spot, but we will pay you 50% of our resale price in store credit. Credit is your promise to buy fashion responsibly (second hand!) and it is our promise that you will always find great, on-trend pieces you will love to wear. Join us in making this week Earth Week!

we are located in Berlin Mitte / wir sind in Berlin Mitte 

We are currently buying premium and independent fashion brands. We are currently not buying any fast fashion brands with exception COS, &Other Stories. We are also less likely buying Vintage and No-Name brands.

Styles we are looking for:
- flat boots
- ankle boots
- closed toe winter shoes
- sweaters
- winter and holiday dresses
- winter accessories
- warm pants
- gloves
- scarves
- warm long sleeved tops
- bags

Styles we are NOT looking for:
- knee high boots
- fur coats
- vintage leather jackets
- suits
- magenta or turquoise colored items
- houndstooth pattern
- bedazzled

Brands we don't buy:

How it works?

  1. Read the Buying Policies in the section at the bottom!
  2. Bring your used fashion items to our store in Berlin Mitte.
  3. Our staff will make a selection from your items.
  4. The staff enters each piece’s information on our software.
  5. The software calculates our resale price, and makes you an offer.
  6. You choose either ⅓ of our resale price in cash, or ½ in credit that you can use up to two years either online or inside the store. You get the cash and the credit on the spot. You don’t have to wait until the piece is sold.


You bring us a dress that our software evaluates to be sold for 30€. You will get either 10€ in cash (1/3), or 15 in credit (1/2) that you can use up to two years. You choose.

Buying Policies

    • Buying hours: We buy Monday-Saturday. We finish all buys by 7pm. This means please come before 7pm with enough time so we can finish your buys by 7pm.
    • Maximum 20 pieces: We will take a look at a maximum of 20 pieces per customer per day. This is to ensure that all customers get a chance to check their items.
    • Maximum 2 sales a month: Our concept is for private individuals to sell their clothes and clear out their closets. In order to streamline our service we limit the amount of times you can sell to us to 2 times in a month. Exceptions can be granted on a case by case basis for stylists, influencers, fashion designers, photographers and have to be approved by management. You can contact us via our contact email.
    • When you sell, you guarantee authenticity and ownership: As we pay you partially based on the brand it is important that you guarantee the authenticity of the items you sell to us. If you sell us inauthentic items we will request the payment back or remove the store credit issued to you. You also guarantee that you are the legal owner of the item you are selling. Unfortunately we are forced to inform you that if we suspect you to be selling stolen items to our store we will report you to the police.
    • First Come, First Served: We want to be fair to everyone, so we process buys in the order we get them.
    • Same day, no drop offs: We process all your items on the same day. You can leave the store while we process your items but you must come back before 7PM, otherwise we will cancel our offer and not buy from you.
    • Bring valid identification: Please bring your valid government-issued ID like a Driver’s License or a Passport and an adult if you’re under 18. 
    • Age Requirements: We only buy from people over the age of 18+
    • Item condition: We don’t accept items with flaws. You have the expectation to buy items in the best condition possible, so help us filter out items that have stains, holes, buttons missing, or odors.
    • No Packaging, Shoe-boxes, Hangers or Dry Cleaner Wrap: We don't keep the packaging, shoe boxes and hangers. And even tough it is well intended please don't bring items with their dry cleaner plastic wraps. All the above takes more time to process your buy.
    • Season: We only buy seasonally and we post the season at Please check for our seasonal and style buying announcements.
    • Brands: We buy a wide range of brands and designer pieces except brands listed here at:
    • Pricing: Our selection is aimed to be affordable and we do not specialize in luxury fashion. If you have great luxury items to sell, please take a look at our webstore to compare our prices with what you want to sell.
    • Committed Sales Transactions:  Please understand that we are not a consignment ( Komission ) business. If you have signed the Buy Offer in our Terminal or committed to the offer electronically, the Buy is committed and the items cannot be returned. So, unfortunately you cannot change your mind afterwards.