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Since 2017, we paid 200.000€ to the community and saved 28,000 pieces of clothes from landfills

How it works:

We have created a software that calculates the resale price based on attributes of the item. You choose either ⅓ of our resale price in cash, or ½ in credit that you can use up to two years either online or inside the store. You get the cash and the credit on the spot. You don’t have to wait until the piece is sold. 


You offer us a dress that our software evaluates to be sold for 30€. You will get either 10€ in cash (1/3), or 15 in credit (1/2) that you can use up to two years. You choose.

We are pausing registrations. Online BST is coming!

Describe your items and upload multiple photos at once
Receive our offer before coming to the store
Also, ship your items from anywhere in Germany
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